Thursday, September 06, 2012

Memo to Future Self: On Moving Forward, Observations and Doubts

Heya Future Self,

How are things? I hope everything's still going well and that you're find yourself riding into some proverbial sunset. One can dream, yes? As for me, I'm still trying to sort things out. I just want you to recall that you've walked this path so many times before, and it is a certainty that you'll walk it again. Anyway, we have several things to catch up on, so we might as well get to it.

Remember how you were always one to keep things for posterity's sake? As it turns out, there will be times when you'd have to let things go. I know that you're a packrat by nature, but one can only deal with so much clutter. We've been told before that sometimes it's unhealthy to be stuck in the past, and it's cliche for good reason.

I've had a few days of the feeling of forlorn hope lately, and let me tell you that you'll miss out on a lot if that's how you think. I should know. I'm pretty sure that if there's an alternate version of us who's clairvoyant, he'd probably kick us in the shins for being voluntarily blind to awesome things happening around us.

I also want you to remember that it is not and never will be your duty to save everyone. There will be people whose lives you could only watch from afar and there is no way for you to affect them no matter how hard you try. Sometimes, this is just the universe's way of letting us be aware that such things happen, so that we may be ready when it's our turn to be tested or that we may be there for those whose lives we can actually help make easier.

Oh, and one last thing. Remember those times when you weren't too sure if you wanted something or not? I'd say you'd be better off if you just try to go with the flow. All these years, life has taught us that there will be things we can't run away from, whether they are good or bad. There are gifts that you'll be reluctant to accept because of your doubts about the world, other people and yourself. Don't worry. This is natural and it is how you've learned how to protect yourself.

Remember your favorite line from the Desiderata, because there's a reason it has stuck with you throughout the years:

And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Your Past Self

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