Monday, September 15, 2014

Deranged Amazons: An Injustice Mobile Multiplayer Team

So I've been playing quite a bit of Injustice Mobile's multiplayer since it was released a few months ago.

To be quite honest, the game's multiplayer component isn't beginner friendly. The game is just too easy to hack (as could be easily seen from the weekly leaderboards) but that isn't to say being competitive is impossible. In fact, playing with bronze characters is pretty much a given during the first few weeks. I used a team of Nightwing, Lex Luthor and Green Arrow myself to be able to build up resources - and I was able to reach at least the top two or three percent of the weekly rankings.

Currently, there isn't any metagame to speak of - majority of the top-end teams use predictable characters, most of which favor brute force over utility and synergy. Such teams are incredibly flashy but they do not lend themselves well on the defense, which in itself is a good source of ladder points.

Off the top of my head, five of the more commonly used fighters are:

Batman (Arkham Origins)
This fighter is one of the most expensive, and is well worth its weight in gold. His passive provides him with two charged bars which allows him to use Winged Avenger. Timed right, it could very quickly turn a battle to a three-against-two match.

Billy Batson's alter ego is the rarest card that could be obtained from the gold packs. Averaging at around one in fifty packs, that's about five million credits per card. There's good reason for this. Shazam has the highest stat total in the game and his passive ability, Lightning Fury, is a game changer. It allows him to use Bolt of Zeus and Roaring Strike for any number of times in twelve seconds after firing off The Power of SHAZAM. Timed correctly, it often spells doom for the opposing team.

Like the previous two, Darkseid possesses ridiculous stat totals. His passive ability, however, is nothing to write home about. It's best for training bronze cards and not much else. Still, Darkseid is a regular sight when fighting opposing teams.

Deathstroke (Arkham Origins)
This card is one of the more dangerous ones out there. Controlled by a human player, Deathstroke is a decent fighter that is able to deal excellent damage with his special moves. On defense, however, the AI manages to exploit his passive ability - Elite Soldier - to devastating effect. This dangerous skill allows Point Blank to deal ridiculous amounts of damage, and will often put players who lack caution at an extreme disadvantage.

An old favorite, Doomsday has just become more dangerous in the advent of version 2.0. His passive skill, Hero Killer, has always been a pain to deal with because it restores half of Doomsday's already formidable hit points whenever he knocks out an opponent. His second special move, Earth Shake, has received a very significant buff (which players assume is a bug) and deals much more damage than what is listed on the character sheet.

As it is, the multiplayer landscape is difficult, but not impossible. With gears put into the equation, battles often turn into long battles of attrition - not an ideal thing when it comes to mobile games.

My Team
Hence, my choice of characters have been decided by three factors: team synergy, speed and fighting styles that allow basic moves to transition into special attacks.

Wonder Woman (Red Son)
Red Son teams are the original badasses. They always mean trouble since their passive abilities grow stronger for every other Red Son character in the team. Their value doesn't diminish individually, as could be seen by using this powerhouse in the team. RSWW is my team's primary bruiser.

Her passive ability, Red Son Power, provides 15% power generation and enables the team to charge up their special moves faster. Geared up with the Nth Metal Morningstar (70% basic attack, 25% stun chance), Promethium Longsword (70% basic attack, 45% critical chance) and Venom Injection System (22% health, 22% heal on special 1), she's able to absorb a ton of punishment and dish out even more.

Wonder Woman (600)
Yet another Amazon, WW600 serves as the backup in case things go wrong for RSWW. I geared her with Knife Collection (70% basic attack, 22% heal on special 1), Powered Eskrima Sticks (70% basic attack, 45% crit) and Mark of Lady Shiva (50% basic attack, 40% crit) which hopefully allows her to mop up where RSWW left off.

The best thing about this limited edition card is her passive ability, Amazonian Fury (30% damage boost, 30% power generation), which is one of the best in the game when used correctly.

Harley Quinn (Animated)
All things considered, Harley is probably the game's best support character with her passive ability, Deranged Cheerleader (20% damage boost, 20% power generation). She also has one of the most overlooked level 2 special move (Bag-o-Tricks) which provides one of three effects - a pinch of healing, a damage buff and a powerful unblockable attack (which has saved my team on more than one occasion).

Sadly, I'm not yet completely sold on gearing options, so my Harley is packed with a ton of healing and basic damage gear - Mutated Bone Spikes, Netherrealm Kama and Lazarus Formula.

Sum of the Parts
Outside of a rather slow Red Son team, it's pretty hard to find a team this stacked. With 65% power generation and a 50% damage boost, opposing teams should go down very quickly due to heavy basic attacks and frequent shield throws (which are often unblocked when chained from basic attacks).

I've cracked the top percentile of the leaderboards every time I used this team (and I don't play that often, sometimes only about three to four times a day in chunks of ten minutes or so).

Battles are quick and painless, and it allows the player to play very competitively without investing too much time - and that it always a good thing.


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