Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week 38 - Cracks

Saturday Night in the Saitama Super Arena, and Mark Hunt becomes the first person to crack Big Country's chin.

There's something to say about seemingly indestructible things finally cracking after years of damage.

Storms and monsoon rains have battered Manila this week. As a result, I lost a day to catch up on a lot of work-related stuff (not for the lack of trying too). It's frustrating as to how the common folk always seem to get the shaft when it comes to things like this. Manila is a mess of a city - horrible urban planning, unstable power grid and that damning traffic when it pours make it such a joy to live in.

Perhaps there's some credence to this idea after all, yes?

Anyhow, the extra spare time allowed me to catch up (or at least until the power ran out) a bit on Pokemon Conquest - a tactics game I got for the 3DS a few weeks back. I also got to read a lot further on something I started months back, Fahrenheit 451, which should have been a short read anyway. And I'm feeding the old nostalgia by watching that Batman animated series from the '90s.

Lastly, we went to Divisoria last weekend. Dimsum binge from Wai Ying aside, we got a lot of crafting supplies from Tabora Street. If there was anything I got from that trip, it's the thought that every politician should ride the PNR at least once in their pampered lives to weed out those who are just looking to make a quick buck instead of actually doing their jobs.


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