Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Tie-in games have historically been an iffy bunch. Usually they just exist to milk the last cents out of the customer's money.

Injustice: Gods Among Us strives to be different, which is a pleasant surprise. As a tie-in game to the Playstation 3 and 4 titles of the same name, the mobile game serves as a light version of the fighting games.

Essentially, the mobile version is a card game wrapped in a three-versus-three fighting game shell. Players grind for credits which they can use to buy booster packs, with each one containing playable characters as well as cards that enhance their powers. The game borrows characters from all over the DC multiverse. Some of the more popular characters, like Batman and Superman, have several versions who possess different abilities and appearances.

Combat is simple and intuitive, with taps corresponding to light attacks while swipes generate heavier moves. Each character has three special moves, which deal a lot more damage and try to impress the player with flashy graphics. Luckily, this does not make the higher levels of the game trivial and boring. The AI isn't too smart, but it will punish players if they become too careless.

The game itself is massive (at over 1GB), but it goes without saying that the graphics are nothing short of fantastic for a free mobile title.

What makes the game worth playing is that the developers continually release challenges which allow players to collect otherwise new and unobtainable characters, like Scorpion (of Mortal Kombat fame) and Darkseid (who isn't available in the console versions). While the game has in-app purchases, nothing is hidden behind a paywall - players can earn everything with a reasonable amount of effort and have fun while doing it.

Unlocking goodies for the console version (and vice versa) is merely icing on the cake. If anything, the mobile game has made me want to the the console version.

Get Injustice: Gods among Us if it's something that interests you. It's available on Google Play and iOS.

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