Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 8 - Nine

So I was exchanging stories with one of the cab drivers on my way home the other day (as I rarely do), and I casually commented on having no idea how they were going to remove that huge stone sign that marks the boundary between Manila and Makati to make way for the new Skyway project. He replied that it wasn't too impossible - something similar happened to a gigantic statue somewhere in Guadalupe that had to be destroyed to make way for the MRT. Sadly, I haven't had any luck finding a photo of it. It's terrible that such landmarks had to be destroyed for necessary evils. Oh well.

In MMA news, UFC 170 was a pretty good show. I don't get the whining over the card's quality - mostly by the Just Bleed card. The entire card was very entertaining and had else special going for it - three Olympians competed on it. A couple of years ago, Dana White vehemently refused women to compete in the UFC. Fast forward to today, the main event was a championship match not only between two female athletes but two Olympic medalists. The times are a-changin', I guess.

Lastly, caught up with three movies this week: Elysium, Horrible Bosses and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2. Pretty solid films, although I had one question about Elysium - why didn't they think of regenerating Carlyle (who was merely shot) like they did for Kruger (whose face was blown off by a grenade)? It doesn't make much sense.


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