Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Heroes of Dragon Age

Dragon Age is a franchise that has played its part in defining the high point of the past generation of games. While Dragon Age 2 came up short on so many levels, Origins paved the way for excellent games to follow in its wake, such as the Mass Effect series.

Due to some unfortunate events, I could somehow no longer install Blood Brothers on my Droid so I looked for an alternative and found Heroes of Dragon Age.

The game, unsurprisingly, is of similar concept to most of the card-collecting RPGs that seem to float around these days. I'm guessing that the game's main selling point is the fact that it rides on the coattails of the revered franchise and borrows characters from all over the Dragon Age universe.

As is often the case with these types of games, progression is notoriously difficult and is heavily dictated by purchasing packs of heroes. If there's one redeeming factor for the game, it's the fact that players have a chance (even if it is miniscule) to obtain even the rarest of units - without exceptions - if they embrace the grind. In-app purchases exist to serve as shortcuts for those with more dispensable income, but aren't required for the most part.

With regards to gameplay, Heroes of Dragon Age seems to still be on its early stages. Quests and PvP fights could be performed to obtain gold as well as experience, and both of these activities are limited by the amount of energy and stamina that the player accumulates. Typical gameplay lasts for ten to fifteen minutes on average, with around two hours to wait while they replenish. Barebones as it is, I think the game holds a lot of potential given the experience of its backers - although it's EA, so don't be surprised of any strange behaviour.

Heroes of Dragon Age is available for both Android and iOS. Give it a try if the series is your cup of tea. With Dragon Age: Inquisition coming out soon, I'm guessing it's best to start playing early.

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