Saturday, January 11, 2014

Week 2 - Optimization

The last time I ascended, I was a day before turning 23. Damn!
I'm on run three of thirteen in OhMagnus' quest to obtain the mythical Clothing of Loathing. There's something oddly peaceful with doing such playthroughs - which is a huge divergence from the daily grind brought about by the grind for meat. I've never had that feeling when playing other games (and I've been a gamer for most of my life). I can't say if it's the jokes, the superb writing or the math that hides beneath the charming layer of hand-drawn artwork that's kept me a fan through all these years. I digress. Hopefully, I'll be able to cut down into doing three-day runs pretty soon - and lose dependency on a few of my crutch IOTMs in the process.
In other news, my shinies from last year's NaNo (which is something I can't apparently shut up about) have finally been thrown down the production pipeline. Calamities notwithstanding, I should have them by month's end.

In unrelated news, it's been almost two years since I participated in a Kickstarter campaign. I still don't have the finished product, which really sucks.

Lastly, I want to watch 47 Ronin so bad, even if it might be a flop.


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