Sunday, December 01, 2013

Week 46.1 - Baguio City!


Is there anything more to be said?

I've been longing to come here since I was a kid but for some unknown reason the trips always seem to get cancelled (much to my frustration). I (finally) managed to step on the city's soil a few weeks ago (thanks to the Girlfriend's superhuman efforts). And I was fucking elated, I tell ya!

We stayed there for around four days and I must say that it's very easy to fall in love with the city - to the point when I scoffed at Manila upon our return. I'm sorry Dumaguete, but you've fallen off the top spot for my Favorite Cities list.

As a quick note, we stayed at Chalet Baguio. It was quite expensive though, and we should have thought of staying at a transient house instead - especially since we only went in there to bathe, sleep and have breakfast. Oh well, lessons learned.

Lastly, I'm splitting Baguio into two posts - one for the sights and sounds (well, just sights) of the city and another for BenCab.

As always, photos, photos and lots of photos after the cut. Click and enjoy!

Burnham Park: Football Field

Burnham Park: Swan Lake (sans swans)

Burnham Park: Petal Chess

Burnham Park: Wushu

Burnham Park: Playground

Cafe by the Ruins: Pricey food, but very homey.

Cafe by the Ruins: Writing Plans

Cafe by the Ruins: The aforementioned ruins.

Laperal White House: The bastards never opened their doors. Jerks.

Aguinaldo Museum: They didn't open up either.

Teacher's Camp: Benches

Teacher's Camp: Amphitheater

Teacher's Camp: Passages

Teacher's Camp: Walkways

Teacher's Camp: Terraces

Teacher's Camp: More Terraces

Teacher's Camp: Rizal

50s Diner: Mediocre food, extremely large servings.

Mt. Cloud Bookshop: Atop the ladder.

Mt. Cloud Bookshop: Karma bites.

Mt. Cloud Bookshop: Wish

Hill Station: Palette Ice Cream

Lourdes Grotto: Not quite High Hrothgar.

Camp John Hay: Hillside

Camp John Hay: Totem Pole

Camp John Hay: Humongous Sunflower

Camp John Hay: Amphitheater

Camp John Hay: Bell House

Camp John Hay: Amphitheater from the Top

Camp John Hay: Cemetery of Negativity

Camp John Hay: Liberty Loop

Camp John Hay: Pine Trees Everywhere.

CSC: Change Management Board

PMA: Flying Coffin

PMA: Flying Coffin for Trainees

PMA: Flying Coffin Helo Edition

PMA: Tree House

PMA: Wall of Seals

PMA: Oversized Rifle

PMA: Oversized Machine Gun

PMA: Wall of Class Seals

PMA: Bazooka!

PMA: Commander Shepard - Paragon, Neutral, Renegade

PMA: Sundial

PMA: Bronetransportyor

PMA: Anti-aircraft Gun

PMA: Howitzer!

PMA: Amtrak!

PMA: Mobile Howitzer!

PMA: Sherman!

PMA: What is it good for?

Forest House: Artsy Cheesecake

Forest House: Brownies a la Mode (Artsy)

Wright Park: Bronies.

Wright Park: Step Up.

Wright Park: The Mansion

Mines View: Terran Dominion

Mines View: Cordillera World

Mines View: Native Chess Set

Mines View: Dreamcatchers

Mines View: Snake Wine

Mines View: Idols

Banks and His Loot

Chaya: Obligatory Sashimi Plate

Chaya: Chicken Teriyaki Salad

Chaya: Gyudon Bowl

Chaya: Udon Bowl

Strawberry Farm: Little Buddy

Strawberry Farm: Strawberry Taho

Ketchup Community

Botanical Garden: Terraces

Botanical Garden: Fancy Schmancy Steps

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