Friday, September 14, 2012

Week 37 - Whirlwind

So it has been a relatively okay week, albeit with a few last minute surprises.

Lesson learned this Thursday - never half-ass anything and place a bet on failure. More often than not, the universe is more than willing to oblige to give its dose of irony. On a more serious note, it seems that I'll be switching teams soon. I'm not sure how that happened, because I was already fairly certain that result of the interviews would be the exact opposite.

In other news, three back-to-back events in Blood Brothers made me lose a lot of sleep this week. At the very least, I didn't spend cash on it, which is good because that's always a clear sign that I should probably quit.

I also had my first online video game purchase this week. I'm still trying to figure it out and I'll post a review once I finish it.

I got this patchwork mask from Etsy. It's something I bought on impulse three months ago which was pretty stupid in retrospect, and it looks awesome. I guess that's one step closer to serial killer.

Lastly stop reading here if you're planning on watching Resident Evil: Retribution. True to its video game roots, a ton of characters respawned that it's not even funny. I mean Michelle Rodriguez dies 2.5 times in this movie. How does that even happen? I think she's the female Sean Bean. Speaking of Michelle Rodriguez typecasting, not only does she die again, she plays yet another soldier-type character and wears wifebeaters. I can't believe they killed off Barry Burton. Hopefully, he'll respawn too. Also, Li Bingbing as Ada Wong is awesome (see the sketch I drew).

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