Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Mess of a Life

"Fill your life with color, music and noise."
- Jasper Golangco, Letters to Marge

So I think there has always been wisdom in the words of many people, especially when you leave them to write without fear of prejudice or ridicule. It's this reason that I've come to appreciate people who maintain blogs, such as Letters to Marge (which I've been following since I was in college).

People tend to say that life is too short. I've read somewhere (probably Facebook, since people tend to use it like Tumblr nowadays) that this is simply not true because living is the longest damn thing anyone will do. It's pretty hard to argue with that point. I guess the only people who make life is short their catchphrase are those who cannot let go of their regrets. I'm not saying regret is necessarily a bad thing because I think feeling regretful means that we acknowledge the fact that at some point in our lives something good has happened and we were just not prepared to seize it at that point in time. People should come to terms with the fact that they cannot win at everything, and that includes those we deem extremely gifted.

I think that regret only becomes destructive if people wallow in it all the time, unwilling to move forward and allowing themselves to be blinded causing even more missed opportunities. I guess we should remember that making a mess isn't that bad every once in a while (and I don't mean that in the retarded YOLO sense). In one way or another everyone falls while crossing the busy street called life, getting themselves battered and bruised. The only difference is that the better ones will always try to stand up and move along, because the metaphorical stop light won't stay green forever.

Ultimately, I guess that's the message here - we should think of our lives as an empty canvas, the proverbial tabula rasa, and everyone is tasked to make a painting out of it. It doesn't really matter if we end up with an abstract, a caricature or a freaking fresco because in the end, our life is our own creation and quite frankly, the only opinions that will matter are the ones we choose to pay attention to.

And don't worry. To be honest, like many of the things I wrote here, this is one of the things I'm still trying to learn.

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