Monday, July 17, 2017

Project Poseidon: Arena Speedfarming in Gumballs & Dungeons

Gumballs and Dungeons is a deceptively complex mobile game, with even more deceptively hidden features.

One of these is the Poseidon gumball, the second highest unlockable character next to Hades. As a Canas' Enlightenment player, Poseidon is a must have, but getting to the 38,000 point threshold for this Spending Returns reward will take some effort for non-whales like me.

The Dungeon
At an average of 120,000 gold per F95 run, the Arena is the best option for farming by a massive margin - up to six times more gold earned compared to other currently released dungeons. The most commonly used teams take an hour on average to complete this dungeon, which isn't ideal for players who are otherwise pre-occupied with real life.

The Team
Odin (Main) is arguably the best magic-class gumball. The Eternal ability enhances any spell being cast by 40% and extends effects by an additional round. When chosen for use as a main or link gumball, it provides a Electrostatic Field scroll every two floors. If used as a main, it also gives a free Timestill at the start of the run.

Three-Eye King (Soul-Link 1) provides the Sky Eye active skill, which damages all on-screen enemies based on the attack stat and reduces the defense by a considerable amount, allowing for devastating follow-up attacks. Even more important is that it carries the Oriental Paper Cutting when entering the dungeon. This single use item summons Howling, a pet often exploited for its scaling health and attack stats coupled with life leech and decent dodge rating.

Merchant's (Soul-Link 2) skill is Trading Master, which passively adds three more items to all Treasure and Scroll shops within the dungeon on top of a 25% discount. This allows for an easier time finding useful equipment and spells throughout the dungeon run.

Bring the Necklace of Legendary Mage +6, as well as the Werewolf Potion.

Upon entering the dungeon, focus on maxing out Treasure Seeker and Magic Apprentice. At this point, EP can be saved up for future use.

Buy all Disrupting Rays and Earthquakes from the scroll shops you come across. Similarly, purchase all Burned Parchment scrolls and Orc Livers from the Depot, prioritising them in that order.

For Treasure shops, try to buy pieces of the Noble Suit and the Hunter's Suit which will help in filling out the titles needed for the run. It's not really required, but try to buy Destroyer's Slate, Belt of Electric Arc and White Pearl if they come up. This helps in boosting some of the buff spells later on.

Do not disenchant treasure until the Blacksmith title has been maxed out.

For the Arena matches until F55, use Bless followed by Sky Eye to defeat the opponent and clear the audience easily. For bosses until F50, use Electrostatic Field, followed by Sky Eye and Lightning Bolt to beat them.

On F25, fill in the titles in this order: White Mage (1*), Priest (1*), Air Master (3*), Legendary Mage (0*). This should help in clearing bosses and Arena matches until the the rest of the build is complete.

The next goal is to forge (or find) an Earth Spell Book using Holy Blacksmith. Fill in the Venture title as follows: Explorationist (1*), Blacksmith (3*). As soon as the Blacksmith title has been maxed, start disenchanting unused treasure for extra EP and Quenching Essence. Continue titles towards Royal Blacksmith (1*) and Holy Blacksmith (3* HP). Before F60, there should be enough Quenching Essence for the Earth Spell book. Equip it at this point to amass Earthquake scrolls.

If all goes well, there should be enough EP to fill in the Melee titles: Novice Warrior (1*), Knight (3*). Legendary Mage (3* HP, 3* Power) should be maxed as well before F60.

The titles above should provide Howling with a decent HP pool to last until F95. He should be summoned using the Werewolf potion trick to maximise stats. Typically, Howling should have 1200 HP and 1400 Attack (for Bless) or 2400 Attack (for Blade of Ruin).

At this point, EP can be freely spent. I always fill in the rest of Legendary Mage for free Timestills and extended spell duration, then focus on boosting HP from then on.

Howling should be able to clear everything easily with minimal help. The next checkpoint is the F80 boss. To defeat it, cast Timestill - which should last for ten turns - followed by Electrostatic Field, Disrupting Ray and spells of choice for an easy win. If there are more than five Burned parchments in inventory, these can be used in place of spells to one-shot the boss.

Watch Howling's HP on the next floors as the enemies will start hitting considerably harder. If he enters a floor with low HP, cast Earthquake to speed-clear the floor without enemy counterattacks. This trick should allow for fast-clearing floors all the way to F95 (or beyond).

At the F85 Arena match, Timestill should last for a whopping 23 turns.

At the F90 boss, cast Timestill, Electrostatic Field, Disrupting Ray and Burned Parchments for another easy win.

At the final Arena match in F95, cast Timestill and throw everything at the Spartan gumball. Clearing this will provide fragments, as well as upgrade the Champion's Certificate to give 100,000 gold upon exiting the dungeon. Hoorah!

This setup revolves around reliability, ease of living and speed.

The Titles provide a lot of safety nets, and allows for runs to be completed even in the (likely) scenario that Blade of Ruin does not drop before needing to summon Howling.

The setup also eliminates a lot of RNG-related factors that other builds may have.

The largest setback is the fact that Three-Eye King is not only an event gumball, but he has only been available once so far during the week of the Chinese Lunar New Year. So far there are no indications of the event returning until next year, but my theory is that the event would return on October in time for the Golden Week.

Odin is a gem-only gumball, but should be one of the first purchases with the many free gems that the game provides. It might be expensive to max his stats as well, but it's well worth it.

Final Thoughts
This is the quickest way I've found so far to farming the Arena for easy gold. With practice, it is possible to beat the dungeon in around 20 minutes without relying on luck. The biggest challenge is the availability of the Three-Eye King, but it should come back around in a few months time (as per the developer's hint).


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