Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Week 47 - Avilon Zoo and the (Other) Heart of Manila

How to kill the Skywalker line.
Last photo dump in the series, I swear.

We went to a bunch of places that weekend. Avilon Zoo (in Rodriguez, Rizal) on Saturday and Luneta's surrounding areas on Sunday. Aside from Rizal Park itself, we had breakfast at Makan Makan and spent some time in Seri Fantasy World's Trick Museum and Toy Exhibit.

That Sunday, we originally planned to go to Paco Park, but instead took an unplanned detour to Museyong Pambata and the National Museum. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of Juan Luna's Spoliarium, but it turns out that we managed to get into the other National Museum instead of the National Art Gallery. Still, it was a very interesting trip.

I only have a few shots of the places we went to on Sunday, as most of them are of the interactive variety (and are reserved for Facebook and such things). Ha!

To get to Avilon Zoo, you have to cross a river. Literally.
Avilon Zoo: Hornbill

Avilon Zoo: Canopy in a fairly hidden place

Avilon Zoo: Leathery Bastard

Avilon Zoo: Reptiles

Avilon Zoo: Hornbills Making Out

Avilon Zoo: Yet another hornbill.

Avilon Zoo: Cassowary. Reminds me of Far Cry.

Avilon Zoo: Wallaby

Avilon Zoo: Macaw

Avilon Zoo: Arapaima

LeopaAvilon Zoo: Jaguar

Avilon Zoo: Tiger - Heartbreaking

Avilon Zoo: I have a thing with wrongly worded signs.

Avilon Zoo: Prairie Dog

Avilon Zoo: Meerkat. Or Parry Gripp's Dramatic Chipmunk.

Avilon Zoo: Panther

Avilon Zoo: Pygmy Hippo

Avilon Zoo: Bambi

Avilon Zoo: Tortoise

Avilon Zoo: Tortoise Mates

Avilon Zoo: White Tiger who thinks humans are dicks.
National Museum: Wax Seal
National Museum: Anchor
National Museum: Katana

National Museum: Gold Belt

National Museum: Religious Artifice

National Museum: Wine Goblets

National Museum: Porcelain

National Museum: Underwater Dig

National Museum: Old Ship

National Museum: Village

National Museum: Tribal Swords

National Museum: Necropolis

National Museum: Alibata

National Museum: Debts Repaid
National Museum: Armor
Toy Exhibit: Infinity Gauntlet

Toy Exhibit: Hoth

Toy Exhibit: Zoids

Toy Exhibit: In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Museyong Pambata: A Rock, But From Space!

Museyong Pambata: Ballad of the Wind Fish

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