Saturday, July 27, 2013

Week 30 - Waypoints

A few more things left out, like the ice cream.
"What will be, will be, and although there is much you can do about it, in the end, there isn't much you can do about it. The idea is to keep trying. Don't let up. Things happen - good, bad, dull and exciting. Survive, struggle and keep the love in your heart. The truism of one life to live is there because that's true."
- William Shatner, Dear Me

The Law of Averages states that the next two weeks would be nothing short of smooth sailing.

Anyway, the folks and I dined at EDSA Shangrila's Heat last Sunday (care of my brother). The food was okay, although a bit on the pricey end at PhP888 (exclusive of drinks).

In Blood Brothers news, I placed 2600-ish on the last Super Raid Boss event. It was much higher than I expected (as I normally place in the low hundred thousands) and the dividends were immediate - fifteen of the easiest Gjallarhorns I've ever had (and a thirty-ish Gjallarhorn Batraz to boot). Good times. I guess the next project is to build four perfect Evil Eyes for PvP purposes - the multipliers for both defense and magic are ridiculous and should hopefully extend my team's wins to fifteen to earn those juicy crystals.

Lastly, a classmate of mine recently released a travel app in private beta called Share Your Itinerary. I guess it's something worth looking into if anyone's interested.


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