Monday, July 29, 2013

Haunted Dwarf : A Blood Brothers SRB Build

A dwarf surrounded by wisps. Typical.
"About, about, in reel and rout
The death-fires danced at night;
The water, like a witch's oils,
Burnt green, and blue and white."

- Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Blood Brothers is a free game and, if you have the patience, is pretty entertaining. Unfortunately, there is no going around their events if one wants to get a decent ranking - mainly because they sell familiars called elites which provide a substantial difference in gameplay for each event. The bottom line is that DeNa is a business and one can't blame them if they want (or need, rather) to earn money.

The sad thing is that most of these elites become worthless after each event and, having a limited (read: zero) budget for online games, these elites serve little purpose after a week.

You have to give it to some people who are hell bent on finding a way around the system in the name of frugality. Enter Ignis Fatuus - an admittedly overpriced buffer whose skill, Boon of Mind and Blade, buffs both WIS and ATK by 20% of its WIS - and one could see potential for freeloading most events from an initial but realistic Gjallarhorn investment.

There are two things to keep in mind when doing this approach.

The first, and probably this playstyle's lynchpin, is the fact that warlord stats are multiplied by five during such events.

Blue Beard (OPE 50c)
HP: 12981 * 5 = 64905
ATK: 11343 * 5 = 56715
DEF: 15588 * 5 = 77940
WIS: 15554 * 5 = 77770
AGI: 13527 * 5 = 67635

Doing an All-Out attack, for three Morale points, this is mutiplied further by five. The relevant stats (ATK, DEF and WIS) are then boosted as follows:

Blue Beard (OPE 50c)
ATK: 56715 * 5 = 283560
DEF: 77940 * 5 = 389700
WIS: 77770 * 5 = 388850

Since, I use Boon of Mind and Shield for old Blue (for PvP purposes), I lose out on more ATK in favor of DEF. This, however, is mostly negligible.

Blue Beard (Boon of Mind and Shield):
WIS: 388850 * .2 = 77770 BONUS WIS (and DEF)

Since DeNa managed to screw up buff order during events, placing the warlord on the back row ensures that it would go first, providing optimal boosts for the other nine buffers. This penalizes the warlord's (and one Ignis') ATK by twenty percent in exchange for an irrelevant twenty percent DEF increase.

In any case, the first Ignis' stats would then be boosted to:

Ignis Fatuus 1 (PACT 50c)
ATK: (10520 * 5) + 77770 = 130370
WIS: (12520 * 5) + 77770 = 140370

The second thing to keep in mind is that buff stacking in Blood Brothers is multiplicative. This means that subsequent buffs become substantially more powerful and could effectively cause a snowball effect. Figures below are rounded off to the nearest tenths place.

Ignis Fatuus 1 (Boon of Mind and Blade)
WIS: 140370 * .2 = 28074

Ignis Fatuus 2 (Boon of Mind and Blade)
WIS: (140370 + 28074) * .2 = 33689

Ignis Fatuus 3 (Boon of Mind and Blade)
WIS: (168444 + 33689) * .2 = 40427

Ignis Fatuus 4 (Boon of Mind and Blade)
WIS: (202133 + 40427) * .2 = 48512

Ignis Fatuus 5 (Boon of Mind and Blade)
WIS: (242559 + 48212) * .2 = 58214

Ignis Fatuus 6 (Boon of Mind and Blade)
WIS: (291071 + 58214) * .2 = 69857

Ignis Fatuus 7 (Boon of Mind and Blade)
WIS: (349285 + 69857) * .2 = 83829

Ignis Fatuus 8 (Boon of Mind and Blade)
WIS: (419142 + 83829) * .2 = 100594

Ignis Fatuus 9 (Boon of Mind and Blade)
WIS: (502971 + 100594) * .2 = 102713

This would give us the following:

Ignis Fatuus 1-9 (Final Stats)
WIS: 724278

Blue Beard (Final Stats)
ATK: 867468
WIS: 972758

Given that each Super Raid Boss battle consists of four rounds - and with each Raid Boss having a grand total of zero defense - my best possible damage output scenario would be as follows:

Ignis Fatuus Auto Attacks: 714278 * 9 * 4 = 25714008
Blue Beard Torrent of Flame: 972758 * 2 * 4 = 7782064
Blue  Beard Payback: 867468 * 2.3 * 3 = 5985529
Final Total: 39481601

This is theoretically enough to attain MVP against the most high level bosses (except the Super Raid Boss) and kill or severely beat down lesser ones to allow allies to finish it off willingly.

If there's one downside to the Ignis approach, it's that the proc rate for buffs (which is at an impressive seventy percent) will keep the team from dealing the maximum projected damage every time. Admittedly, my average damage range clocks in at around twenty million which is still quite hefty (although at its absolute worst it could go to as little as seven million).

With all that said, unless DeNa nerfs the stacking mechanic for buffs I would use this approach for all Raid Boss events. I managed to hit the low two thousands without pulling any ally points in terms of event ranking which is a vast improvement from my previous runs (where I was lucky to reach a hundred thousand).

So take that, people-who-throw-money-at-games. You've just been math'd.

What a nerd.

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