Thursday, May 31, 2012


So it looks like the first half of June is a lost cause. All I've asked for was to be given consecutive days off, but even that couldn't be granted. I'm not exactly fully functional when I only have one day off, especially if I have to work in the morning. Anyway, it's probably for the better, as I'm essentially broke for that period of time anyway. And yes, it's because of grown up responsibilities, which sucks.

I want to share one of my favorite blog posts as of late. Sometimes, we are begged the question of how far we are willing to let things slide. How nice is too nice? Where should someone stand in the asshole-to-doormat spectrum? Is there a point where we could be selfish for our own benefit and have it still be morally acceptable? Because if there is, I've been doing a lot of things wrong.

The thing is I tend to try to avoid confrontations a lot more often than I should. I often feel like there are better ways to resolve conflicts than petty argument. I have no issues with settling for a compromise and it really ticks me off when things have already been decided beforehand without any opportunity for amends.

I truly hope that I wouldn't have to eat my own words and pull up scorecards. I hope I can someday proudly say that I didn't have do that even if everyone did it, because it's just wrong. I hope that somehow I could earn the things I want without cutting corners.

A friend of mine said that we should always look into the lighter side of things, whether they were good or bad. I suppose that's one way of looking at life's troubles. When you've made a living out of turning things around and taking on increasingly difficult odds, it's words like those that get stuck to you. Sometimes simple words like those hold so much meaning in them, and it's such a waste that a lot us us take it for granted. It's people like them who make me realize that not everything is horrible when it's seen from the right perspective.

So I guess I'll have to tank through the next couple of weeks.

As the proverb goes, this too shall pass.

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