Friday, April 13, 2012

Cracked: Unsolicited Advice

So I was reading this thread on Cracked.

It's quite interesting that there are things that should be common sense, yet we still seem to take for granted. I guess people are mostly shortsighted, that's why we get into so much trouble in the first place.

And since it's everyone's noble obligation to pitch in on the Internet:

Never keep score.
Don't bring up the good things you've done for someone as a reason for them to return the favor. Even more so, don't dig up dirt as ammunition for an argument. Resentment is never a good thing. If they're halfway decent people, you only need to ask.

Don't worry, be happy.
Time spent worrying is time lost. If a problem is not within your control and there's nothing you can do about it, it's probably some other person's responsibility in the first place. Otherwise, learn to mitigate. Sleep it off if you can't think straight, as bad decisions are more likely when you're worried and restless.

Punctuality is key.
Being somewhere ahead of time is always a good way to make an impression. In the unfortunate case that you'll be late, CALL or text if you're on commute and let the other party know (don't just hope that they hang in there, for fuck's sake). Also give an ETA that is way more than what it would take you to arrive.

And lastly, when family or close friends ask for your time, DO IT.

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  1. Number two is very helpful! :) Thanks for this. Good read. :)