Sunday, September 01, 2013

Week 35 - Murderer's Row

"And you cannot track that, not with a thousand bloodhounds, and you cannot break it, not with a thousand swords. "
- Princess Buttercup

So it's been a pretty light work week again (as intended by the law of averages).

We somehow managed to find time for a Saturday lunch with friends from my former job (on a couple of weeks notice too, which is a record in itself) and some drinks with the Girlfriend's college friends in the evening.

I swear this was voluntary. I swear.

In MMA news, Josh Barnett would be a better Conan than that Khal Drogo guy. Also, he beat the crap out of Frank Mir last UFC 164. I don't remember him being a lightweight though. It's funny to see what goes through when people don't proofread things.

Also, Pettis beat Bendo via submission to gain the lightweight title, Rothwell beat Vera (which is to be expected from Vera, who is Filipino, by the way) and Guida got corpsed by Mendes for the first time in his career, among other things. Good event, all in all.
93-pound weight advantage, and Mir still lost.

I've also acquired a copy of The Walking Dead: Assault (because it was on sale). It's a nifty game, and I'll hopefully be posting a review once I beat it.
Too many hands. (Read the comics to find out why.)

Meanwhile, it seems that DeNa modified the matching algorithm for Blood Brothers PvP once again, so the Shogun no longer works. On the bright side, I managed to snag a 1.3x modifier during this week's God of Steel event. Good times.
Suck it, DeNa. Free players rule.

Lastly, it is very late but my KoL account turned seven years-old a couple of weeks ago. I haven't ascended it in a long time though, as seen in the turncount ratio for the current run against the total. Clan dungeons are the way to go, I guess, if I have the time.


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