Monday, August 05, 2013

The Shogun of Ubo Abo : Twinking in God of Steel

"With the spirits of his ancestors standing beside him, a samurai never stands alone."
- Kami Akodo, Leadership

Guess what? I finished the last God of Steel event at rank 530. Admittedly, I twinked it. It was the only way - given the unfair matchmaking mechanics of Blood Brothers.

For reference, my main account (which would beat this twink ten out of ten times) ended up above the ten thousand rank.

I ended up netting a profit of around sixty gjallarhorns (plus a handful of mandrakes and hundreds of crystals) thanks to the twink, so I'm going to run one alongside my main for each PvP event going forward.

The set-up is both cheap and simple - pick a warlord, any warlord, and sandwich it between two Bunga, the Stalwart II cards. Stay in the first map of Ubo Abo Bog (without unlocking anything else) and play until you run out of resources or you become sick of the game. Make sure you pick the most logically beatable team until you reach streak thirty. Do not even attempt to fight the super twinks (usually made up of a Gorlin between two Adara, Luckshots). Rinse and repeat for a week.


Masakage sheathed his blade, knowing full well that the battle was over just as soon as it had begun. Ubo Abo was his home just as much as it was the apes',and it has been this way for his father and his forefathers before him. The Yamagata line has held this murky backwater swamp since time immemorial and shall hold it long after he is gone. With a weary sigh and a heart bearing heavy news of the Galbraith's undead armies, he retreats to his hut - ready to fight for another day.

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