Sunday, August 03, 2014

Week 31 - To Change

"At what price beauty?"
- Mark Rosewater (probably), Lotus Vale


Like the genies who grant them from Middle Eastern lore, I've always felt wary of such things. Good things almost always carry a price, and I often think that it's better to work hard for them and reap the fruits of labor as opposed to wondering whether we have already paid our dues.

It's been a crazy week at work, and although it's not exactly an out-of-the-frying-pan-into-the-fire situation, there's still a couple of things I'd like to come into terms with. I can't say much more than that, unfortunately, but yeah - there's a lot of things to think about again due to change.

People, after all, aren't always fond of change. And changes that are abrupt tend to terrify even the best of us, so there's that.

And speaking of change, I'll be another year older in a couple of weeks. Times flies by so fast, it's starting to get annoying. I wish there was a way we could bend it, even if just a little.

Actually, scratch that. Or maybe not. I don't even know anymore. There's a little too many things on the proverbial plate at the moment, and I wonder if I'll ever get to finishing them.

We'll see. I'm rambling again.

Oh, and the pizza? Project Pie has opened a branch in Park Square. Good stuff, and I'd say give it at least one try.


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