Sunday, June 08, 2014

Week 23 - Troubled Waters

"He was the most powerful man in Rokugan, and he was afraid."
- Legend of the Five Rings

One of my favorite characters in Wolfenstein: The New Order is Tekla, an eccentric Russian member of the Kreisau Circle who is obsessed with her theory of a deterministic existence. Her efforts to understand such make her such an interesting character, especially in the grim alternate reality of a Nazi-ruled 1960.

Perhaps, to some degree (and on a much smaller scale), I could relate to her incessant ramblings about the futility of choice despite Blazkowicz's opinions on the matter.

I could never understand the adage of living life one day at a time. Maybe that's why, like Tekla, unexpected variables bother me and I have to obsess over how to fit them into the things that have been planned for the future.

Count to four. Inhale.

Count to four. Exhale.


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