Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 15 - Pinto

So last weekend, the Girlfriend and I went to the Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo, a spacious and privately owned facility that houses both indoor and outdoor art exhibits and installations created by local artists.

I love the place - there's no denying that. Like BenCab, its relative obscurity ensures that the place isn't crowded by rowdy children and noisy cityfolk while its relative proximity to Manila (which consists of an hour's worth of commute from Cubao) makes it easy to find if one is patient enough to follow instructions found online.

The entrance fee, a mere one hundred fifty pesos for adults, is a steal. Pinto is a complex of gardens and galleries set on a hillside - and one could easily notice how the owners of the place try to keep it unspoilt, secluded and filled to the brim with artistic pieces. I swear that I'm not making this up - even their washrooms are filled with paintings and sculptures among other things. It's almost too easy to miss them when one really has to go do their thing since they don't look like washrooms in the first place.

The art gallery is huge, and the following pictures definitely do not give it justice. I'd have to say that my favorite installation was the Bamboo Forest - a very dark room filled with artificial bamboo trees that extend to the ceiling, illuminated by dim light that reflects off several artificial ponds. It's very hard to describe it in writing, but the best approximate I could give is that it felt like a scene from a random samurai movie where the characters meditate in a quiet bamboo grove. I think its scale is something I'd never expect to see depicted in local modern art.

I'd recommend everyone to give Pinto a visit at least once, especially those who have even a passing interest at art. This museum is well worth the trip, and I think the owners somehow managed to capture their rather ambitious vision for the place.

As always, a few pictures after the cut. Enjoy!

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