Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 11 - Arishok

"And so my watch begins."
- Tyrion Lannister

Revenge should always be passive aggressive.

I've managed to watch all the cutscenes for the Injustice: Gods Among Us videogame edited into a single movie. It's an excellent story worthy of being expanded upon outside the medium. A desperate Insurgency led by Batman trying to depose a tyrannical Regime led by Superman (who was driven to madness and because of a series of unfortunate events that led to the death of Lois Lane and his unborn son by his own hands). Between them, the heroes and villains of the DC universe have been forced to choose sides out of fear, opportunity and conscience.

I caught (just) the main event of UFC 171 earlier where Johny Hendricks fought Robbie Lawler for the UFC. Welterweight Championship - the title that George St. Pierre vacated a few months ago when he went into an indefinite hiatus. In a way, it was so much different from the usual title bouts featuring GSP's signature OCD-fuelled gameplanned fights. This was a gritty slugfest that surprisingly went to a decision, given the fact that both contenders hit like trucks. While I was rooting for the heavy underdog Lawler to win (although I didn't expect that he'd have much of a chance anyway), I was surprised at how well he controlled his own pace to almost take the win away from Hendricks. It was brilliant, and I think that if Hendricks didn't secure that last minute takedown, things would have been a lot different.


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