Sunday, February 02, 2014

Week 5 - Mister Genbu


That's what trying to learn how to ride a bike is. One day, though.

Anyhow, we managed to visit the La Mesa Eco Park last Friday, which was thankfully a holiday. Would anyone believe that some schools chose to schedule their field trips on a holiday? That's ridiculous. It's a nifty place, more like a park (and a rather large one at that) than a nature preserve. They made it seem like there was tons of neat things to do, but it looked like some of the places (like the archery range) were unmanned. Still, it's a good place to walk around since the park didn't seem too crowded and there are trees providing shade all over the place.

We went to Maginhawa afterwards - first at the ever-homey Friuli Trattoria then at this new coffee place named Cool Beans. Very hipster, no?

In Kingdom of Loathing news, I'm on ascension eleven of the chain. Runs nine and ten sort of went fubar, with the former being delayed a day due to me being inattentive of OhMagnus' drunkenness meter and the latter being due to the Random Number God just being its normal self. On a related note, this month's IOTM - the Buddy Bjorn - seems to be an alternative for the Crown of Thrones. I got one yesterday after selling off my Camp Scout Backpack, only to discover that the familiars don't seem to get along too well half the time. Still, a flexible item on a mostly underappreciated slot is a huge step up for the back slot.


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