Sunday, January 05, 2014

Week 1 - Slow Start

The year seems to be off to an unimpressive start.

I had to replace my six month-old phone battery recently. I noticed that it has been restarting and undergoing a boot loop with increasing frequency in the past couple of weeks - something that I initially blamed on the widespread problems caused by a very recent botched Android patch run by Samsung. The problem turns out to be much worse, since it appears that the phone battery has become quite bloated - an issue that seems to be too widespread to be ignored. Sadly, I opted to buy a new battery instead of lining up in a queue. Yeah, I hate waiting.

In MMA news, longtime UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva lost his title rematch - in the most gruesome way possible. The incident populated a lot of news feeds all over the web for the past week, and quite frankly I think it's the end of his era - not only because of physical reasons but of psychological ones as well. The greatest of the last true strikers has fallen.

In Kingdom of Loathing news, old OhMagnus has jumped through the astral gash again for the first time in almost three years. I'm planning on doing thirteen more ascensions (under the BIG! challenge path) while simultaneously completing the Clothing of Loathing set. I'm expecting each run to last three to four days, with a couple more days thrown in to complete the Sea quest. With the massive class revamps completed during the past two months, the ascensions should allow me to perm more skills from across the classes.


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