Monday, May 13, 2013

Art Zoo

I make it a point to come early to Megamall whenever I'm meeting friends there. One reason is that it's probably the only accessible mall that regularly hosts art exhibits and I don't really mind spending time looking at nifty stuff that people come up with.

This weekend was no different - as an exhibit called Art Zoo is up and running at the time of this post. I'm uploading some of the photos I took - although there's a bunch of interesting ones I omitted because of their NSFW nature.

As usual, photos after the jump, so go click the link. Please note that the captions are the names for each piece.


Art Zoo
I'll Haunt You in Your Dreams / A Wound to Grow
Dead Eyes
A Nightmare IV
Brave Hand
Gloomy Night
Beautiful in This Burden
It Seems Dark

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