Friday, March 29, 2013

Week 13.1 - Parks And Rec

And so we enter the second week of photo dumps.

The main highlight of this week is our three-day trip to Dumaguete in Negros Oriental, which is on the other side of Negros Island. I'm splitting this Friday's post into two - one part is for the photos from the city propers (of both Bacolod and Dumaguete) and the other would be for our tour of the Silliman University campuses (which turned out to be more interesting than I thought).

It's a six to seven hour trip by bus from Bacolod to Dumaguete. Our trip going there was a little shorter - mainly because the bus we were on broke down on top of some mountain and we got to hitchhike on some guy's van for a small fee.

I could sort of understand why there are a lot of foreign tourists in this coastal city. The view is pretty awesome - you've got mountains on one side and the sea on the other. The city also acts as a hub to many places (including other seaside towns and protected sanctuaries) via ferries. And of course, the food is cheap and servings are pretty hefty.

As before, photos are after the jump - which is a mix of Bacolod and Dumaguete pictures.

So go click the link!

Murals at the Art District.
Jello shots - tastes like medicine.
Authentic inasal and...
...oysters for dinner.
Evening walk at the Bacolod New Government Center.
Book two for the trip.
Our supposed 'itinerary'. We actually managed to complete it.
Map obtained!
The Butterfly by Panda Ice Cream House
No bats in this belfry.
Rocks and Moss.
Free WiFi.
Silvanas at Sans Rival.
Looks are deceiving, sadly.
Gabby's - don't miss this place.
Ribs at Gabby's.
Fish n' Shrimps at Gabby's.
Our first hotel - Palwa.
Dumaguete Express.
Baked Oysters.
Tempura Maki.
Mixed Sashimi.
The cousins. I thought this was a nice shot.

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