Friday, March 22, 2013

Week 12 - Stranger in a Familiar Land

Just a quick photo dump of my first week in Bacolod.

This post will be image-heavy, so the photos are after the jump.

A gift that took seven months to deliver. Go me!

Dessert at Bob's. (Coffee not pictured)
The table we retook from the Koreans at Rob's.
Hipster Coffee.
I have a thing with murals. Don't ask.
My new stock cover photo - should I ever need one.
Ridiculously generous helping of shawarma.
Post Its everywhere. Oh, and a tea shop.
Wrong intonation. Or whatever that's called.
I'll doodle next time. With a pen.
One book down. Interesting read.
Aha! That's nice. And yes, I know.
These pieces at the Art District...
...remind me of my single visit to Cubao X.
Huge California maki serving.
Pope JP II tower overlooking the sea.
This religious painting is pretty metal.
And an obligatory sunset shot. Good times.

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