Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Monkey Wrench

"It loved to happen."
- Marcus Aurelius

Last weekend's UFC event proved three things. First, if someone happens to be somewhere in life, there's almost always a reason that they're there and there's always a chance that they could pull off whatever they came to do.

Second, one should never underestimate the underdog - especially if they're determined and if they've proven that they can do the improbable in the past.

Lastly, never build a plan around someone's assumed failure because the universe has a funny way of chucking monkey wrenches into life's exposed gears. Poetic justice, as people say.

That being said, sometimes it's baffling how life in general seems like a long sequence of quick time events. The kicker is that there are no checkpoints, so every quick decision would affect another down the line. Sometimes it takes days, weeks or even months, but something tends to get bumped up (or down) when one looks at the bigger picture.

And on quieter days, I wonder exactly when it was that I've decided on the choices that I've picked. Ozymandias' (of Watchmen fame) "thirty-five minutes ago" quote often resonates in my mind whenever I ask myself this question.

Perhaps I've flipped the coins a long time ago, and I'm only looking at how it landed now.

One has to admire the wonders of cognitive dissonance.

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