Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Dear Them

So what was this post about?

Blame this book that I've been reading lately. It's such a pain to find (and I even somehow managed to get lost, again, for some reason) - but definitely worth it.

Dear Me is a book containing the letters of famous personalities from all over the famous-people-spectrum to their sixteen year-old selves.

The letters provide amusing insight to the celebrities' lives - from their regrets to notes about what to do or not to do in their alternate lifetimes. The letters serve as anecdotes, and I was surprised at what some of them wrote.

I won't bother with a long review, but I'll end this post with a few quotes from some of the contributors.

"You truly become those you're with. There are three types of people in this place: those who love, those who hate, those who are stuck in between the two, like us."
- Michelle Rodriguez

"The truism of one life to live is there because that's true. Enjoy the music of your life because once the band stops playing, that's it."
- William Shatner

"If there is anything you are really likely to regret, it's that you didn't come to believe in your angels sooner. Believe in your angels, and don't be afraid to fail."
- Steve-O

"Make your own messes, and then work your own way out of them."
- Alan Rickman

"Always remember, my dear Suze, to be as happy in your sadness as you are in your happiness and then you will know the key to life."
- Suze Orman

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