Friday, December 28, 2012

Week 52 - Obligatory Year in Review

"Today, I watch a frequent. For those who don't know, a frequent is that place between an acquaintance and a friend. That person you either see so often and had gotten a read on (reading people, it's a hobby of mine) but never really get to being a friend. Frequents are those who know you by name and you share a few jokes with, acquaintances, on the other hand, are those you smile at awkwardly and couldn't for the life of you find a thing to talk about. Friends though, are another matter entirely. I'll talk about those one day."
- Raffy, Coffee Shop Confessions 1

I wouldn't know if anyone would agree, but I think it's more meaningful to define a year's passage by the number of folks whose lives one has affected (and vice versa), rather than look back at all the nifty things they've done and collected for those fifty-two weeks.

Actually, I just made that up.

Nonetheless, here's to the bunch of new folks I've had the pleasure of meeting this past year.

Here's to Armorer. It's pretty cool that someone who's terrifying as hell (and is armed to the teeth) is able to provide intelligent sociopolitical discourse. Also, thanks for reminding me that first impressions are seldom correct. Oh, and I'll keep you in mind when the zombie apocalypse finally happens, you scary bastard.

Here's to Paragon. You're probably the first (or second) person I know who makes dancing between the edges of Lawful Good and Neutral Good look easy. It's funny how people who curse like pirates or mutter offensive stuff on a regular basis can't seem to do it around you.

Here's to Medic. Thanks for the debates (and the playlists) that start from witching hour until the sun comes up. You've saved me about fifty-six points of sanity, and I'm running dangerously low on that nowadays.

Here's to Orphan. I ought to be the one offering advice, but I don't think you need any. Things are going to be hectic for you, but I'm pretty sure you'll pull through just fine.

There's a whole bunch more, but I wouldn't want to bore people. It's a long weekend - get out of the house.

Can't wait for 2013. After all in a post-apocalyptic world, everything could only go uphill.


  1. This is sweet :) and it's 'refreshing' to witness people who review their lives via the lives they've touched/ or something like that. HAHAHAHA happy new year, harvin!

    1. Thanks Arlet. Happy new year to you too!