Monday, December 31, 2012

Strawberries and Chocolate

Me: Ma, may dessert diyan sa ref.
Mum: O, san galing to? Pwede ka nang mag-asawa.
Me: Ayaw mo yata e.
Mum: Wag kang makulit.

So somehow we ended up with around five kilos of strawberries (don't ask). I like strawberries, but I'll be damned if someone could eat a lot of those - and I think they spoil pretty quickly or something.

Anyway, I also happened to have a pack of chocolate chips stashed away (again, don't ask) so I thought this would be a neat idea (albeit not original, obviously).

Melting chocolate was not as straightforward as I thought. Something horrible happens to it when it gets into contact with water (and direct contact with heat would burn it), so a double boiler would be the best bet.

I don't have that, so I filled one of those cooking pots with water (around a quarter full). I placed a pyrex bowl inside and heated the pot, which in turn would heat the bowl.

I added the chocolate chips into the bowl, and once they were melted, I took the bowl out and proceeded to coat the strawberries with chocolate.

Refrigerate (at which point the chocolate would harden like those used for ice cream coatings), then serve.

This would obviously be way more awesome if I had better chocolate in stock (like a Hershey's dark chocolate bar or something), but what the heck.

As a side note, only around two kilos of strawberries left. Gah!

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