Friday, November 30, 2012

Week 48 - One Point Five

So I'm picking up a few things in the coming months.

First off, there's this card game that I've been getting a few laughs out of recently. As the saying goes - in vino veritas - although in this case, vino is replaced by a politically incorrect card game.

Then, there's this book. The premise is simple - if we could write one letter to our sixteen year-old selves, what would it contain? The book compiles the letters of famous (and infamous) personalities to their past selves. I reckon that there's a lot of lessons and regrets within the book's pages and would make it a good read.

Actually, that's about it. The rest are probably impulse buys, so I'll cross those bridges eventually.

In other news, another one of the old crew decided to move out of IT this week - and probably take a ridiculously long leave of absence in the process. That makes it two and a half down and one and a half to go (it's a long story). I'm not sure what that place does to the folks who work there that somehow breaks them, but I'm not too keen on finding out.

What I've always noticed, though, is that they all seemed to be at peace with themselves with regards to their decisions to leave the industry. Sometimes, I wonder if they've right all along, although I can never really tell because I've never gone through what they have. I wonder if there's another compromise that I'm not seeing at the moment. I wonder if I'm following the path I set for myself, or even if there's a path in the first place.

Again, I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

Scratch that. If I get there.

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