Monday, November 19, 2012

Modular KoLMafia Farming Script

This is the sub-optimal KolMafia script I wrote for farming purposes. I had to separate it into six modules, since it's such a pain to try and find out where the script goes wrong whenever it breaks (or if the overdrink function kicks in prematurely, wasting all the turns for the day) - usually due to a bad Internet connection.

This is obviously very basic since it's only used for the Castle. I'm still trying to figure out the .ash scripts in the event that I feel like returning to the ascension game. I'm not sure if .cli scripts support conditional statements, but I let the client handle that for the meantime.

I also let KoLMafia handle the moods and self-casts, as well as the combat conditionals. Special events (like those mimes - I missed that one) still tend to break the script, but not holidays - I've written a separate macro to handle those cranberry tofurkeys and muertos borrachos whatnot.

Anyway, the script below - comments are in double dashes (a la SQL):

-- start of farming.cli
-- end of farming.cli

-- start of 01_farm_bfast.cli
buy milk of magnesium
use milk of magnesium
buy 3 hot hi mein
-- playing a turtle tamer (for the 10lb whip), so no consumables created
eat 3 hot hi mein
cast 2 ode
buy 4 mon tiki
buy 3 cup of primitive beer
drink 4 mon tiki
drink 3 cup of primitive beer
use 15 twinkly wad
/outfit Hwavy
-- Hwavy is a custom outfit, used for maximizing fam weight
-- I prefer fam weight on my ADD, since it's so much more versatile
-- as a side note, ADD weight is ~90lb
-- end of 01_farm_bfast.cli

-- start of 02_farm_adventuretime.cli
adv * Giant's Castle
-- end of 02_farm_adventuretime.cli

-- start of 03_farm_lootsell.cli
use * warm subject
autosell * heavy D
autosell * Original G
autosell * disturbing fanfic
autosell * furry fur
autosell * awful poetry journal
autosell * thin black candle
autosell * plot hole
autosell * probability potion
autosell * procrastination potion
autosell * angry farmer candy
autosell * Mick's IcyVapoHotness Rub
pulverize * wolf mask
pulverize * giant needle
pulverize * rave whistle
-- end of 03_farm_lootsell.cli

-- start of 04_farm_itemdump
-- 1361553 is my mall multi's ID
-- send function thankfully uses OR logic, so that's cool
send * DRINK ME potion to 1361553
send * bag of GORF to 1361553
send * bag of GORP to 1361553
send * bag of QWOP to 1361553
send * bejeweled cufflinks to 1361553
send * black candy heart to 1361553
send * black-and-blue light to 1361553
send * blue plasma ball to 1361553
send * blue striped oyster egg to 1361553
send * Camp Scout pup tent to 1361553
send * cheap studded belt to 1361553
send * Crimbo candied pecan to 1361553
send * Crimbo Candy Cookbook to 1361553
send * Crimbo fudge to 1361553
send * Crimbo peppermint bark to 1361553
send * CSA all-purpose soap to 1361553
send * CSA bravery badge to 1361553
send * CSA cheerfulness ration to 1361553
send * CSA obedience grenade to 1361553
send * CSA scoutmaster's "water" to 1361553
send * designer handbag to 1361553
send * flavored foot massage oil to 1361553
send * foam dart to 1361553
send * garish pinky ring to 1361553
send * giant designer sunglasses to 1361553
send * Jack-in-the-box to 1361553
send * lavender striped oyster egg to 1361553
send * lost key to 1361553
send * Loudmouth Larry Lamprey to 1361553
send * orange-frosted astral cupcake to 1361553
send * peanut brittle shield to 1361553
send * personal massager to 1361553
send * personalized coffee mug to 1361553
send * phish stick to 1361553
send * puce paisley oyster egg to 1361553
send * Red Rover BB gun to 1361553
send * red-and-green sweater to 1361553
send * stick-on eyebrow piercing to 1361553
send * stuffed Baron von Ratsworth to 1361553
send * stuffed crazy bastard sword to 1361553
send * stuffed key to 1361553
send * stuffed martini to 1361553
send * stuffed Meat to 1361553
send * stuffed mink to 1361553
send * stuffed monocle to 1361553
send * stuffed teddy butler to 1361553
send * stuffed tin of caviar to 1361553
send * stuffed treasure chest to 1361553
send * whoopie cushion to 1361553
send * yellow candy heart to 1361553
mallsell * bucket of wine @ 5,000,000
-- mallselling the buckets allows further clip art casting
-- end of 04_farm_itemdump

-- start of 05_farm_nightcap.cli
cast ode
overdrink bucket of wine
/cast 15 party
cast clip art
cast clip art
-- clip art casting 'remembers' the previous day's results
/outfit time set
-- equip the time trappings

-- end of 05_farm_nightcap.cli

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