Monday, October 22, 2012

Recurring Conversations

So I was actually wary of writing this post (because there's a very good chance that it will come back to bite me in the ass), but as one of my favorite blog posts puts it - fuck fuckity fuck fuck. It's not libelous anyway (eat that, Cybercrime Law) and they say self deprecation is gold these days.

Enough of the linking. I often wonder how other people deal with those folks who ask them the same things over and over again. The reason I wonder is that my mom brings up a particular topic on a weekly basis, to the point that the conversation ends up on virtually the same note each and every time. I will never be sure if she's just waiting for some of my answers to change, but sometimes I find it funny to just mess with the questions she asks.

In any case, here's how it typically goes:

Mom: So, may girlfriend ka na ba?
(So do you have a girlfriend already?)

Me: Um, nope.

Mom: Sus, baka tinatago mo lang. Pwede naman na eh, ang tanda mo na.
(Maybe you're just hiding her. It's okay, you're old enough.)

Me: *rolls eyes* Wala nga. Tsaka twenty-four pa lang ako. Ay, sixteen pa lang pala ako. 
(I don't really have one. And I'm just twenty-four, I mean, sixteen.)

Mom: Wala ka bang napupusuan sa trabaho?
(Don't you find anyone at work attractive?)

Me: Hindi naman yun yung dahilan ko para pumasok e. *smirk* Pero, maybe?
(That's not the reason I go to work. But (to answer your question), maybe.)

Mom: O, yun naman pala e. Pwede naman e, kahit hindi mo seryososihin. Experience lang ba. 
(So what's the problem? It's fine, don't take things too seriously.)

Me: Haha, experience, parang OJT lang. Kawawa naman yung tao kung ganun lang mangyayari.
(Experience, like some sort of OJT? That would really suck for the lady, you know?)

By this point, I would already have something to steer the conversation to something else. I'm not sure if anyone else has these talks with their parents, but I often find it funny (instead of awkward). Well okay, maybe it is a bit awkward.

Anyway, enough of this. I have a busy day tomorrow - lots of new things to work with.


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