Friday, August 31, 2012

Week Thirty-five - Speedrun

So it's time for a nonsensical and mildly cryptic post again. This past week has been quite a blur and I'm trying to tie things down so I could clear my head.

It might be because I'm not getting enough sleep, as I've been unable to transition into some semblance of a polyphasic sleep cycle (which I need when I have to work during mornings).

It might be because I narrowly missed an opportunity to tick off the second item on my Tertiaries. I don't know when a window of opportunity would open again since I'm looking for something that there's only about a thousand of in the whole world. At least that was the case twelve years ago, which means the things I'm looking for are even rarer now. If I only knew an artist who's good at sculpting and painting figs, that person would get a hefty payday.

It might be because I seem to be running into more people who, in their hopes of stopping a vocal minority from cramming ideas down other people's throats, tend to ironically cram their own ideas down other people's throats instead.

It might be because there's only one thing that managed to get my blood boiling this week. This was particularly annoying, as it seems the issue gets worse every week. My usual stance on politics is libertarian (in the same flavor that Ron Swanson subscribes to) and I usually let Caesar be Caesar, so to speak. However, there will be times (such as this one) when their antics would directly affect me in some way, and that's something rantworthy.

It might also be because I was tapped for an interview for an interesting opening on less than a week's notice, which is barely enough time for adequate preparation. I've always made it a point in the past to do some research when applying for something, which in this case was pretty much impossible given the circumstances. Needless to say, my answers were probably incoherent (or at least it sounded like a mess - in my mind at least). I guess a point of improvement for me is to have canned answers for particular queries, or at least have some structure when answering common interview questions. Either way, I think I've come into terms with whatever the outcome of that interview may be. Positive thinking, or whatever people call it. That's probably one of the most important lessons I've learned this year, and I have one awesome person to thank for that.

It might be because things have been quite interesting at work lately, in a non-work-related way. I'm still trying to sort that out in my head. And yes, this is the intentionally cryptic part. I probably have a lot of explaining to do if someone interprets this post correctly.

Or it might be because yesterday was payday. Yeah, it's probably that.

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