The Tertiaries

[DONE] Create an original origami pattern.

Complete all 112 Mage Knight Dungeons heroes.

[DONE] Have something published online.

Have something published in Cracked.

[FUCKING DONE!] Participate in at least one NaNoWriMo.

Crack open a sea coconut. In Seychelles.

Visit SXSW.

Visit SDCC.

[DONE] Get ITIL-certified.

Get my own domain.

[DONE] Find a four-leaf clover.

[DONE] Acquire the Horrorclix Limited Edition Cthulhu figure.

[DONE] Eat sea urchin.

Acquire a Miskatonic University hoodie.

Acquire a Thanos shirt.

Visit the Old World.

Learn how to ride a bike.

[DONE] Learn how to throw knives.

[DONE] Learn archery.

Accomplish a Manila tea run.

[90% COMPLETE] Complete Operation Nest Egg.

[DONE] Eat nitrogen-powered ice cream.

Visit Vietnam.

Upload, tag and develop all my material for Empiros.

Profit from the stock market.

Have dinner at a vineyard.

See a comet.

Eat ostrich.

Eat camel.

See a galactic arm.

Complete a run.

Finish That Book! (Started: 6/29/2012)

[DONE] Set up gumball machine 1.

Take part in the Dinagsa festival.

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