Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Unicorn's Point of View

"Things keep dragging me down. Things drag everyone down. It's hard to maintain a positive outlook on life when things aren't going your way and people are asking how do you stay positive?

Honestly, this is gonna sound like cheesy mac but I remind myself of how lucky I am. When I'm running outside I'm telling myself:

You are so lucky right now. Other people are probably working, dying. Like, there's so many problems in this world and you get to be running. YOU GET TO BE RUNNING.

Like, that's amazing! Retrospect, you know. Look at the big scale in where you are in life and you are truly lucky. You are truly blessed."

- Courtneypants

So in case anyone's wondering, that came from this video.

I realize how incredibly easy it is to blur the line between being realistic and being pessimistic. I guess there's a point where rolling with the punches simply won't cut it anymore.

A few days ago, this Cracked article came out. It's one of the most thought-provoking pieces I've read in a while. Is everybody really broken in one way or another? Personally, I know I still have a few ghosts haunting me. I've written about one of the bastards previously, although like I said there, things went relatively well in the long run so it evens out.

All things considered, having horrible shit happen to someone has another effect: they become determined not to repeat them (or prevent them from happening to someone else). I'm never one for heroics and whatnot, but I guess there will be times when one can't live with the fact that his or her own inaction allowed something bad to befall someone. I guess that's what Aunt May was blabbering about in those Spider-Man films regarding the notion of a hero being inherent in every one of us. I call that hero Conscience.

Right now, I still have no clue on how to look at the grand scale of things and how I fit in it. I guess we were never meant to see how the grand scale works anyway.

However, retrospect is a powerful tool for these things. It reminds me of how lucky I am to even have time for worry. Instead of worrying about how I'd get food on my plate, I only have to think about what I want to eat. Instead of worrying about where I'd have to spend the night, I'm writing nonsensical stuff on a blog no one but me probably reads. Instead of worrying where to beg for some loose change, I'm ranting on out how expensive shipping rates are on eBay. Instead of tripping over land mines or watching my house burn in the midst of a civil war, I get to waste my time on pointless things.

Oh Internet. Most of the time, you remind me of how humanity is a lost cause when granted anonymity. But sometimes the universe decides that hope should come from the words of complete strangers who probably don't even know we exist, and somehow that makes everything worth it.

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