Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Something Beyond Today

I have said before that I'm no big fan of local TV, and very few things catch my attention.

Today, the Philippines has said its last goodbye to an icon, a mother, a hero. One thing grabbed my attention during the coverage for her funeral procession. It was something said by the journalist Ted Failon, something I hope would be heard by more people the world over.

He said he hoped that whatever values, especially the thirst for truth, that the former president has left us be remembered even after this day has passed.

I could only hope that something changed within every Filipino today, a change for the better. It's been long enough that we've drowned ourselves with apathy, something that hopelessness brings. Let's admit it, something is very wrong with our country, but like the former president, one could see a shard of hope in this broken land.

I believe there is inherent good within each person, and one could see it everyday. You could see it in the manual laborers risking their health for their families. You could see it in the OFWs, who leave in search of an opportunity of providing a better life for their children. You could see it in that random guy who calls after you and returns whatever small trinket you have accidentally dropped.

Like Aunt May said, there's a hero in everyone of us. Like Evan said, one random act of kindness could change the world.

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