Sunday, March 23, 2014

Week 12 - Sky Flowers

"Put some flowers in the graveyard. How come you call them that, Riley? I don't get it. There here ain't the kind of flowers you lay on the ground, these here are sky flowers. Way up in heaven..."
- Charlie, Land of the Dead

Another week, another quick post.

We managed to snag a spot at the last presenters for the 5th Pyromusical Competition at the Mall of Asia last Friday. We were meaning to grab the ones last week (which included the eventual winner - Canada) but c'est la vie. I guess it's worth noting that the Philippines, while not an official entrant at the event, did surprisingly better than the United States. I must admit that they had an ace up their sleeve - remote controlled airplanes lit up with LED lights and was equipped with enough pyrotechnics to make them resemble phoenixes. It was pretty sick and was the highlight of the night.

I can't say the same about the unruly folks though. Apparently, some people who have lived far longer on this planet than me still lack a sense of common decency. It's one thing to have a blatant disregard for the space of others, but some folks take it to another level by being defiantly callous about the fact that they behave like asshats.

Anyhow, we had ramen before that. It's funny how most of the seaside-facing restaurants were cordoned off for the event. Anyway, I often have to remind myself not to order shoyu and miso based broths from now on. I've taken a liking to bone-based broths such as paitan and tonkotsu - which isn't as salty and makes everything taste richer.

Meanwhile, I've gotten around to having a go at that challenge reset glitch for the mobile Injustice game. It's fairly effective, albeit a bit of work. Much better than grinding for credits though, which could be spent for better things.

Lastly, summer's here. It reminds me of the fact that I need another vacation.


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