Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Darths & Droids

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"If movies were made by gamers, all the heroes would be short, overweight guys with physical disabilities." 
- Episode 52 annotation (Darths & Droids)

I've been on a bit of a Star Wars binge lately, mainly due to a book I'm reading as well an awesome find - a webcomic called Darths & Droids.

In a nutshell, Darths & Droids is a humorous take on the six official films - where each one is played out as a pen and paper roleplaying game amongst a singular gaming group (hence the obvious homage from title's initials).

Each panel mostly consists of stills from the movies interspersed with witty dialogue from the players and the game master. While many exchanges have the expected in-character roleplaying fare, the majority consists of conversations amongst the gaming group - in the form of gamer bickering, rules lawyering (in a good way), narrative justifications along with the occasional interpersonal quarrels and other real world woes.

However, it's quite important to note that the webcomic uses roleplaying-centric terminology which the creators have helpfully annotated with (hopefully) layman's terms at the bottom of each strip. Prepare for a lot of background reading on TV Tropes for the uninitiated.

All in all, Darths & Droids is a very interesting webcomic that grants readers an inside look at a fairly geeky (and sometimes esoteric) hobby and it provides a refreshingly unique take on the Star Wars universe.

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