Sunday, August 04, 2013

Week 31 - Vaqnx

"Hi," he said. And that was all.
- Raffy, Selective Misanthropy

 First off, horribly late post. I'm backdating it though. Heh.

It's been sort of a hectic and stressful week. Something (work-related) I've been prepping for the last couple of months have been completed without any hitches, and I'm glad that's over.

In any case, it's another photo dump for this week.

Friday: Tsumura (again!)
Saturday: Chinatown and Intramuros
Sunday: BGC

Most of the photos were taken on the Girlfriend's phone.

Photos after the break.



Tsumura: Veggies with what I'm pretty sure is squid
Tsumura: Gyudon
Tsumura: Sukiyaki
Tsumura: Sushi platter, which according to them is for one person
Wai Ying: Asado Noodles
Wai Ying: Peking Duck Noodles
Wai Ying: Obligatory Hakao
Wai Ying: Spare Ribs
Intramuros: Atop the Wall
Intramuros: Some random establishments
Intramuros: Fountain in front of Manila Cathedral
Intramuros: Manila Cathedral
Intramuros: Manila Cathedral is sadly under renovation. Perfect timing.
Intramuros: Menor Alto (?)
Intramuros: Serving coffee since 1521
Intramuros: Circumnavigation complete!
Not bad.
BGC: The Trees
BGC: The Tree trunks
BGC: Canopy
BGC: Mt. Fuji
BGC: Caaaaaake!
BGC: Spidermen
BGC: A gruesome death awaits
BGC: Sorcery!

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