Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Because Everyone Else is Posting Stuff in FB

Not exactly the New Year's resolution type of person but having survived a couple of apocalypses, it only goes uphill from here, yes?

So here's to twenty-thirteen.

Hopefully, this is the year that we throw everything we've got at every endeavor we undertake. And here's to embracing every success (and failure) that ensues.

Stay safe, stay crazy, stay awesome!

Meanwhile, (and not on FB):
Actually, this GSP quote is how I feel about 2013. Pretty much the same thing above, but whatever. Running into something blind is what I do best anyway. Cue the roadkill jokes.

"Of course, I get nervous. I always have doubts, I’m always afraid, but that’s what makes someone courageous, when he does something when he’s afraid."

P.S. Also, this. Especially the last two paragraphs.

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