Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Fleeting

I miss custard that gets flash-freezed into ice cream using liquid nitrogen. I know that's oddly specific, but there's a good reason for it - it's the best thing ever.

I miss those brick-and-mortar book dumps. It's unfortunate that they existed back when I had no money to spare, but they're all gone now when I do.

I miss Pistang Dagat, and the bands from way up north who come down and play decent music. Real music. Those folks were probably the most humble people I've had the privilege of talking to.

I miss the Monks, the late night chats and the laughs shared across many miles of sea.

I miss Angelicum's choco cream. That was staple food back in those awkward days.

I miss walking amidst the crappiest malls Manila has to offer, fervently hoping that inspiration would strike and let us continue writing the dreariest pieces of code. We were thankful that it did (because I'll never want to go back to that nightmare called programming).

I miss commuting alone in Bacolod, partly because I'll be in a mess if I got lost. Well, not really, since people there speak surprisingly good English - better than their Tagalog.

I miss those ill-advised trips to Angeles City. It reminds me that misfortune could always be turned around and people sometimes end up in a better (and more meaningful) situation than they initially planned.

I miss getting so tired of work that I'd call in sick and head to buffets with some friends - who also called in sick.

I miss the Paragon's random life lessons. A lot. A whole lot. They became increasingly far and few in between over time, but every single one was sent at the right time. They remind me that someone, somewhere, somehow manages to remain unfettered by all the joys and sorrows that the world has to offer - and does it with a genuine smile. It makes me wonder if random things are truly random, or if there are exceptions that the universe grants to the weary.

They say that people never really miss what they never had. Sadly, the things people miss the most are those that no one could ever really possess - because the only thing they could do is let those things run their course.

Maybe that's why there are more tourists and less travelers these days. Everyone is so afraid of forgetting that they try so hard to capture moments - and they never remember the reason they sought it in the first place.

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