Monday, August 06, 2012

Star Gorger

This was its world, and everything it has ever known is dying.

The days were growing shorter as time has seemed to have abandoned this dark corner of the universe. The last summer is but a long forgotten myth. An endless and unforgiving winter has claimed dominion upon this world, and the placid oceans seemed like an unmoving blanket hiding the forgotten derelicts from ages past.

The uncaring void, once illuminated by glorious twin suns, was now an ever-changing mosaic of alien stars, as their own has been rapidly diminishing as if being consumed by a sinister maw. These arms of cold, unblinking light provided empty solace, as the cosmos mocked them of fertile paradises never within their reach.

The once verdant fields were now barren wastelands littered with the remains of an ancient people and bathed in cold blue by a darklit moon like a sleeping, unfeeling god.

It cast a final look at the massive halls of black polished stone, raised by They Who Were From the Stars. The dark niche before it beckoned for it to finally rest, away from the uninviting frost. Sealing the opening behind it, it dropped its torch and joined the others to wait for the inevitable.

This was its world, and everything it has ever known is dead.

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