Tuesday, August 07, 2012

August 7th - RH Bill Debate Finale

"Most religious people have no problem with science. Science takes care of the physical, religion has the spiritual. It's like carrying a laptop and a bottle of cola in the same bag - they do different things, and as long as one doesn't spill all over the other, you've got no problems. Also, only assholes pressurize their cola to spray it all over people. Unfortunately, for a vocal minority, the word 'God' is a higher function "OFF" switch."
- Luke McKinney, 7 Ridiculous Things People Believe About the God Particle

So is it strange that an excerpt from a completely unrelated topic is somehow applicable to something that is about to happen today? Or did I get the dates wrong again?

By the end of this day, we'll see which of our public officials (and citizens) could actually differentiate good from right and bad from wrong.

Sorry to keep the post short. That quote just about sums things up.

Oh, and one last thing. If anyone comments that this post is anti-religion, please work on your reading comprehension, buddy. If anything, God (and faith and religion in extension) promotes the idea that what is right should ALWAYS take precedence over what is good. The very idea of martyrdom revolves around this concept.

I'm not saying I'm Captain Righteous McBoyscout, but the typical moral compass is severely fucked up nowadays, and maybe that's something I'll talk about on a future post.

Over and out.

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