Sunday, July 08, 2012

Memo to Future Self: On Mistakes, Reflection and Trust

Heya Future Self,

What's up? How are things over there? I just thought I'd have a few words with you, since it seems you've been struggling a lot lately. I know you tend to overthink things, and mostly at your own cost too. Seriously, relax a little. You still have plenty of time and, believe it or not, so little 'setting up' left to do. You've been setting up safety nets for a long time now. Look at your Tertiaries, I placed it there for a reason. Live a little, or take a long vacation. You're just a little burned out.

I'm not omniscient. I don't know how the world would turn out when you read this again, so I hope you take time to remember a few things I've learned. Trust me, it will make life easier for you.

I want you to remember to accept the fact that everyone commits mistakes, and that you're no exception. No one is infallible, and it's foolish to look for someone else to blame for your own shortcomings. That, my friend, is the other side of responsibility.

I want you to remember to always set some time aside for reflection. Do you remember the times when you spent hours backtracking in video games? It's the same thing in real life. Sometimes we try to finish our goals so fast that we tend to overlook the more important things.

I want you to remember to give everyone you meet a benefit of a doubt. You know how horrible the world is, but the only way you'll ever find the few good people left is by giving everyone a chance. Don't worry though, you've always practiced caution, so I know you'll be fine.

Keep it up. Everything will turn out just fine, trust me.

Your Past Self

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