Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 29 - Inspire Everyday

"You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees for a hundred miles, repenting through the desert. You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves."
 - Mary Oliver, Wild Geese

So it turned out that Ayala Museum held a Free Museum Day last Saturday to launch a campaign to, well, search for inspiration (and dole it out in heaps) everyday.

We've always been curious about seeing what's inside the place since we essentially pass by it everyday and figured that this was a good chance as any.

Besides the exhibits (which spanned four floors), the event also featured several musical acts, ranging from classical (The Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra!) to well-known indie acts from Terno Records.

To see the bands perform was one of the reasons we went there (instead of Yexel's Toy Museum, which is still on the radar), but I was kinda iffy on the quality of live music.

Needless to say, those doubts were quickly crushed.

The first act was Maude, a pop-rock band who sported an easy-to-listen-to vibe. These guys knew how to chill.

They were followed by Yolanda Moon - a group I've listened to on SoundCloud a while back. They turned out to be Yahoo's Emerging Band of the Year for 2014 last week - and for good reason. It was really awesome to see them transition from setup to sound check to playing their set seamlessly.

Last to perform was Up Dharma Down. The crowd exploded with cheer as Armi Millare walked to the stage. I must admit that I was really excited to watch them perform. Up Dharma Down set the bar pretty high for any live acts we'd see in the future - they sounded exactly like how they do in their albums and it would have been pretty difficult to distinguish between the two if the cheers from the crowd weren't there.

Anyway, here are the rest of the photos from the exhibits. As always, expand the post to see them, yes?

One floor was dedicated to dioramas depicting scenes from throughout Philippine history. It's almost a progressive way of trying to stir interest in our past (which is sadly dying nowadays - go look at our politics if there's any doubt).

I'm placing captions from memory (so forgive me for anything I might get wrong).

Elephant hunters in Cagayan Valley. Elephant Hunters.


More prehistory.

Mindoro (probably).

Rice Terraces.

Some village scene.

Chinese Trade.

Muslim Missionaries

The Arrival of Catholicism

Lapu-Lapu Kills Magellan

Legazpi's Blood Compact

Cannonball Makers.

Limahong gets his ass handed to him.

Chinese Junks.

Chinese Massacre.

Founding of the University of Santo Tomas.

Spaniards hilariously failing to invade Mindanao.

This didn't seem right.

Land Ahoy!

Divisoria (and Intramuros in the background).

Some Governor-General gets himself killed.

British Occupation of Manila (care of the Seven Years' War).

Sunday Mass.



Colonial Era.

The Masons. Illuminati!

Rizal finished Noli Me Tangere.

Not that KKK. Pretty hard to explain with the hoods and all.

First moments of the revolution (that isn't the Cry of Pugadlawin)

Rizal's Execution.


Arrival of the US.

June 12, 1898.

First contact.

Congress, I think.

The Philippines and the US not getting along.

Really not getting along.

Antonio Luna is betrayed and assassinated. Probably by Aguinaldo.

Del Pilar. Tirad Pass.

Filipinos pulling the oldest trick in the book.

And the Americans retaliating.


Aguinaldo is arrested.

Manuel Quezon is sworn in.

Japan occupies the Open City of Manila.

The Fall of Bataan.

Death March.

Magsaysay's Guerillas.

Douglas "Duke Nukem" MacArthur's Return.

Philippine Independence (post WWII).

And an underpass mural.

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