Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Week 26 - Midnight Oil

They say we should be happy about the little things.

I suppose it is wise to do so, but we must make sure not to lose track of our aspirations and more importantly, the paths and sights and lessons that would lead us there.

I often get worried about things that don't worry most people, and do the exact opposite about those that would worry others.

This week, for the most part, I may have filtered out such things. After all, I have my whole life to sort everything out. For now, I should probably try to remember what made the world a little brighter for me lately.

We had dinner at Tsumura last Friday, and that last piece of beef usuyaki was nothing short of wonderful. It reminded me that happy places are not confined to physical locations, but are positive notions that we attach to familiar things around us.

We had (a very late) lunch at the Girlfriend's place, and I made her this. It reminded me that we could learn more from the workplace than what we usually sign up for (and cooking for people is something that genuinely makes me happy, most of the time).

I got myself a copy of Monster Hunter Three for the 3DS and my playtime has been split to two parts research and one part actual gameplay - it was almost like school again. It reminded me that the gamers of yesterday have grown up - and the games we play reflect the unfettered imaginings we had as children.

We had a family lunch last Sunday before the Dad goes off to work again. It reminded me that a lot of the time we'll be living isn't merely our own, so we might as well kick back and enjoy it. After all, people don't exactly stay around forever.

And we watched the Raid 2 as a weekend nightcap. It reminded me that there's always room for guilty pleasures, because we shouldn't be so serious all the damn time.

So yeah, we're halfway into the year and everything's dandy. Now if I may be excused, I have a Barroth to take out.


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