Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Week 21 - The First Drops of Rain

Winter is coming. Or rather, the rains are. Whatever.

It's the end of the heatwave that is the Philippine summer, and it's pretty awesome that I got to stretch out and swim this weekend for a change. There's nothing quite like being in the water - and I'd much rather be swimming somewhere than sweating it out in a gym for exercise.

I desperately need a vacation, I guess. I think I've been saying that for a while - it's the real world's noise and endless troubles again, and a large part of me just doesn't seem to agree with it.

Meanwhile, I got myself a 3DSXL, because I'm still the escapist after all these years.

I can't believe we've been able to lay our hands on an iteration of every single generation of handheld Nintendo consoles. I still have a needlessly growing backlog of games, and it disturbs me that the reality of it is that there's no possible way that I'll have time to finish them all. I didn't get a game though, because I wanted to replay a couple of my old DS games - Infinite Space and Rondo of Swords - for old times' sake. There's something about sprawling epics that captivate me and both of these tell stories worthy of the name. It's almost like one's favorite books, really.

And then there's En Sabah Nur.

We caught Days of Future Past last Saturday as well. Teasers be damned, but the post-credits scene of this one is as good as it's going to get - the Avengers showed us Thanos (who happens to be my favorite villain) and this one was a nod to the first mutant himself, Apocalypse. I'm really excited for the Marvel cinematic universe, especially since it looks like they're bringing up classic storylines nowadays and given the trend, more of these are coming in the next few years.

It's a good time to be a geek these days, yes?

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