Friday, May 31, 2013

Week 22 - Battle Lines

"In a world of lines, one never knows when one crosses, only that one sees others cross. Strange, really."
- R, Coffee Shop Confessions 2

Late post, I know. I know.

Really busy week - and I didn't expect it to be - and there's a bunch of work to do this weekend. Not that I'm complaining, or maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way nowadays, but I'm starting to thing that there ought to be something more to Malcolm Gladwell's Three Requirements (from his book Outliers). Okay, maybe I'm complaining a little. That's what happens when I linger on a thought someone quips after a particularly long day.

Maybe I should write something about that sometime.

In other news, I'm still slogging through the hard mode of Dragon's Dogma in preparation for Dark Arisen. I'm not expecting it to be the frustration festival that is Dark Souls, but my first forays were already pretty difficult - even on Easy mode.

Blood Brothers has pretty much a hell of a grind lately, to the point where I never even bothered to play during PvP week, which is arguably the most important among the events cycle.

Lastly, there's a very interesting Cracked article published this week - which led me to a new entry in my Reader. I can't believe they let celebrities (or in her words, former celebrity) write for them nowadays, but yeah, pretty interesting stuff.


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